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Laying next to a radio as a kid. 

Fast forward years later and we’re playing a song on stage in a village hall.

After coming off stage and walking down the steps... the girlfriend of a friend who'd died in a car crash a month earlier, she's coming over to thank us, crying. I’d written a sad song and dedicated it to both the lads who died in the crash. The parents came over afterwards too, and thanked us. That's when I knew I’d been involved with something that I wanted to be around. I'd loved trying to express special experiences through music, stories, images etc. but it'd been only a private thing up until that moment in the village hall. That night, it mixed with others and I wanted to be around that. I wanted to be that. 

darby joan hall.jpg

I found a picture of the village hall. 

Short book

A story that takes place in the city of Norwich, over 4 hours of a morning. It’s all from true experiences, all real things that actually happened.


​I'll send a copy with any prints/paintings purchased if the buyer wants one.



2008 - 2009

Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge. Creative music Technology.

2012 - 2015

University of East Anglia, Norwich. Natural Sciences.






Pepney Gallery, Cavan Ireland. "Being Human" Online Exhibition.

D31artgallery, Doncaster England. Online Exhibition for D31 Art Prize. 

(upcoming) Wiloughby Memorial Art Gallery, Corby Glenn. 

(upcoming) ITSLIQUID International art fair, Venice, Italy. 

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