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Emotion readings of artworks. 

It was accidental, but I discovered that the emotion wheel 

could "read" particular emotional energies within an artwork.

What others have said:

"Hey Michael, 

this is beautiful! I have no words! I am feeling super honoured… thank you so much!!!!!!"

- Marie Buchem (TikTok)

Michael! I loved that so much. Thanks for your bravery and vulnerability. It was very meaningful to me to see someone connect so sincerely and wholeheartedly. Thank you!

- Matthew Stone

I will say that some of the commentary you had was pretty spot on, and some of it I don’t think I had really considered that before, pretty cool I thought. 

u/Nicebeveragebro (Reddit user)

I was blown away by your reading, there are so many points coinciding with what happened -and what keeps happening!

I can’t thank you enough for the reading you did of my drawing. I was in total awe as I kept going through your pdf and even finding stuff I hadn’t seen before.

- Gabriela Acosta Franzolini

Use the form below to book a reading.

Readings cost £15

(for a written reading, comes as a PDF document)

If you really can't afford any amount, let me know.

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